Hamed Sadeghi

Born in Tehran, Iran
Based in Sydney, Australia
Composer, Tar and Oud Player

"While improvisation is central to the band's conception, it's the quality of the Sadeghi's​ compositions and the opulence of the ensemble sound as much as any soloing​ that makes the music so enthralling. Despite its bright, metallic sound, the tar has a singular ability to soothe one into a state of quiet rapture, so you emerge from its spell feeling that perhaps you can survive another day, after all" John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald.

Hamed is a world music specialist with Iranian classical music background who plays Tar, Setar and Oud. He performs within a diverse range of musical projects, as well as composing and performing his own original music.

He studied Iranian classical music in Tehran and did master of sound engineering in Malaysia. He began his music career performing Persian traditional music with different ensembles in Iran and then moved to Malaysia to experience fusion music, and toured in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan to perform Persian traditional music and collaborate with asian musicians.

He moved to Australia to pursue his career in a western country which led him to collaborate with well known Australian jazz and classical musicians. He has formed Eishan Ensemble with the purpose of creating new music for present time. Eishan Ensemble have performed in different local and international festivals.
His highlighted activities :
Published "Ganjineye Tar" All pieces from Maestro Ali Akbar Khan Shahnazi, August 2009.
Participated at Penang Jazz Festival, Malaysia 2010.
Established Mezzo Unique and toured within Asia, October 2011.
Performed Adam and Eve project at the Performing Art Centre, KL, Malaysia, Jun 2012.
Toured Australia with Maestro Shahrokh Aziz and Madakto orchestra, June 2015.
Established Eishan ensemble and toured within Australia and Asia, January 2016.
Toured Australia with Maestro Shahram Nazeri and Madakto orchestra, July 2017.
Participated at YILAN Music Festival, Taiwan, October 2017.
Performed at the theatre project Sami In Paradise as a collaboration with composer Jethro Woodward, Belvoir Theatre, Sydney, April 2018.
Toured in the Philippines with Eishan Ensemble and Participated at the Plucked Music Festival 2018.
Scored music as a collaboration with Michael Askill for the Iliad Out Loud project at the Sydney Festival 2019, nominated for the best original score of a MainStage production at Sydney Theatre Awards 2019.
Released the album "Afternoon Tea at Six" with Eishan Ensemble in 2020.